I edit  >> Place it in a USB >> Follow my instructions >> Copy it into your PS4 >> Play

Kits are constructed like this to the exact scale and proportion to the real life kits. High detail is a PESW speciality.

Ingame it all looks amazing

This Kit made by Glen the Magpie can be seen with my 3d preview

Daymos & RoBERT T PS4 Option File Details

All the kits created for the Xbox 360 Mod file in addition to the PS4 kits created by my PES World team will be placed on a USB and posted to you. You can have it emailed instead to place on your own usb.


You will have access to my file where myself and Rob have renamed all the teams and managers names and assigned League logos, kits and emblems to each team removed fake names and edited hair and faces, edited the formations and strategies to make each team play like how they do in real life.

Konami have done a good job with the formations and I wish to make sure the 2nd and 3rd strategies are correct.

Some teams who score 1 goal then park the bus and have 10 men in defence or some teams score but keep attacking leaving themselves open at the back, I wish to recreate all of this.

Good news as Konami have annnounced the file is not region locked, so the created Bundesligsa and MLS squads plus China or J League will work for all regions

This will be sharable via usb or email with a new PS4 USB method i'm developing further since PES2016.

Also note that you can get all quality kits to download free via www.pesworld.co.uk There will be approximatly over 1000 images which you can input yourself if you have the time, this is just an alternative quicker option.


This file will include kits and logos, managers faces and stadium images for

  • Full premier league
  • English Sky Bet Championship
  • La Liga
  • Segunda División
  • Liga Zon Sagres
  • Italian Serie B
  • MLS Kits
  • Bundesliga Kits
  • National Team
  • Stadiums
  • Managers


All teams to have their correctly named stadium with correct grass pattern, net design, seat colours etc with the closest likeness stadium as their home ground.



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